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Psychologist Asks Where Josh Duggar Learned His Behavior

Flickr Commons / Photo by Lwp Kommunikáció
Flickr Commons / Photo by Lwp Kommunikáció

Professional Psychologist Cooper Lawrence, Ph.D. appeared on Fox and Friends Weekend on Sunday, suggesting that Josh Duggar’s molestation behavior may have been learned.

In analyzing the video interview of sibling molestation victims and reality TV stars Jill and Jessa Duggar, Dr. Cooper Lawrence asked the question, ‘Provided he [Josh Duggar] is not a pedophile, where did he learn this behavior from?’ Lawrence went on to suggest that typically sibling molestation is a behavior that is picked up by seeing it done somewhere else. Show host Anna Koiman responded, “Let’s hope not.”

Koimann also pointed out that Lawrence’s suggestion was something they haven’t heard before.

While Lawrence praised Jill and Jessa Duggar for calling themselves victims in a taped interview with Megyn Kelly on Friday, for acknowledging the fact that they were violated and abused, she also disagreed with their claim that the fallout from the scandal will deter other victims from coming out.

“I don’t agree with Jill Duggar. Abuse victims are not worried they’ll be exposed they’re worried it’ll happen again,” Lawrence Tweeted.

During the taped interview with the victims, Jessa Duggar said that she felt their abuse was being sensationalized for profit.

“I feel in this situation, we’re again helpless as to people handing over this report and the tabloids taking that, printing that, and sensationalizing it and really using it for their own profit,” Jessa Duggar said.

Lawrence also called for caution as the Duggar girls seemed so composed during the interview.

“22% of girls sexually abused by sibling will have trouble in relationships,” Lawrence Tweeted in a follow up. Lawrence also pointed out that some studies show victims may not experience the full scope of their trauma until many years later.