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Video shows dad kicking 6-year-old son off ramp

Hard to watch: Video shows father kicking his son off ramp. Screen shot via Instagram.
Hard to watch: Video shows father kicking his son off ramp. Screen shot via Instagram.
An instagram video went viral on Friday after a user by the name of “lilbubs” posted a heartbreaking video of a father kicking his 6-year-old son off a steep skateboarding ramp.

The incident reportedly happened at a skateboard park in Kona State Park in Arlington, Florida. In the video, a father appears to be coaxing his youngster off a steep wooden skateboard ramp called “Big Brown”, but the boy seems to be hesitating. The father then walks behind the little boy and completely takes the youngster off guard by kicking him down the ramp.

Although First Coast News reported that the boy was not injured, you can hear the youngster crying and saying, “Owe, owe.”

The video prompted the Department of Children and Family Services to get involved. DCF spokesperson John Harrell described the father’s actions as “not appropriate”.

Park manager Martin Ramos told First Coast News that he’s seen the father in the video, Marcus Crossland, and his 6-year-old son at the park fairly frequently and he’s never witnessed this kind of behavior before. Ramos said he spoke with Crossland after the incident and he appeared to be “very remorseful.”

Crossland’s son is a well known skateboarding prodigy who goes by the “stage name” Dino the Dinosaur.¬†Ramos says the boy and his father skateboard together all the time.

Ramos said of Crossland, “[H]e was just caught up in the moment. He certainly understands the gravity of the situation…”

The videographer, Ryan Stephens, told FCN he went up to Crossland after witnessing the disturbing behavior and asked him why he pushed the child.

Stephens said Crossland answered, “Because he needs to learn.”

Stephens scolded him and Crossland allegedly asked him if he thought he could raise him better to which Stephens replied, “Yes.”

Park manager Ramos says he told Crossland to take some time away from the park to rethink how his behavior is affecting his son.

Ramos said, “I¬†encouraged him to put the fun back in it and get out of all the events.”