Unclaimed wandering toddler's family comes forward

Toddler's parents come forward after he had been missing a full day. Photo via CPS.
Toddler’s parents come forward after he had been missing a full day. Photo via CPS.

A Houston, Texas, toddler boy who was found by a Good Samaritan on Sunday, wandering by himself at a flea market, has finally been claimed by his parents.

The boy, who authorities have now learned is 17-months-old, was taken into Child Protective Services custody after loud speaker announcements aimed at locating the boy’s caretakers went answered at the flea market where he went missing.

CPS is now inquiring into why it took so long for anyone to come forward or realize he was missing. The boy remained in CPS custody for almost 24 hours before anyone came forward.

CPS states, while the boy seemed to be well taken care of, and responded best to being held, they are concerned about his safety given that nobody realized the baby was gone.

Estella Olguin with CPS told the Houston Chronicle that she placed the youngster in the care of his grandparents, saying, “It’ll give us more time to complete the investigation and look into his home environment.”

After numerous CPS attempts to use the media to try to find out the boy’s identity, CPS says some of the boy’s relatives recognized him on TV and notified his parents. The boy’s parents then went into the CPS office with documentation, proving the toddler was their son.

Olguin said when a passerby found the boy, he was crying and scared.

“He was almost hit by a car”, Olguin said.

Olguin also added that the parents claimed the whole thing was an innocent misunderstanding because they thought another family member was taking the boy home.