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Barefoot tot found in middle of intersection, holding Mike's Hard Lemonade

Toddler found barefoot, in middle of intersection, holding Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Screen shot via USA Today.

A 2-year-old toddler boy was found on Sunday, standing in the middle of Hastings, Minn., intersection, barefoot and holding two bottles of Mikes Hard Lemonade alcoholic beverages.

The baby’s father was charged with child endangerment on Tuesday after police were called to the scene, but were unable to locate the youngster’s parents.

Two-and-half hours after Hastings Police took the baby to the police station, a man called police to report his toddler son missing. Police arrived at the man’s and found him to be likely under the influence and uncooperative.

The toddler, who was walking among broken glass when a a man and his wife  stopped their car to help the boy, was returned to his mother who had dropped the tot off at his father’s house for a scheduled visitation.

Police say the toddler was witnessed walking among broken glass after he dropped one of the glass bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Police do not believe the tot consumed any of the alcoholic beverage however.