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Drunk teen gets stuck in high chair

Teen gets stuck in high chair, calls 911. Photo via Facebook.

A 19-year-old South East England, teen’s prank went horribly wrong when the inebriated female climbed into a baby high chair and got herself stuck.

Amber Jackson said she was forced to call the fire department after efforts to get out of the high chair failed. Jackson said she crawled into the highchair so that her friends could take a picture of her but she started to panic once her legs started to go numb and she found herself trapped.

Jackson said, “People have been saying they think I’m stupid but I was drunk.”

Jackson said that her friends tried to free her but were unsuccessful. Jackson went onto say that she feels bad for using up firehouse resources, but she wasn’t thinking clearly because she was under the influence.

Fire crews arrived to Jackson’s home where they had to cut the highchair in order to free Jackson.

Mark Rist, Fire Chief at East Sussex Fire and Rescue said the call was not a hoax, reported the Daily Mail. Rist acknowledged that Jackson’s cry for help was legit given that Jackson was seriously stuck and wasn’t going to get out of the high chair without professional help. The rescue effort took approximately 15 minutes.

Jackson reportedly had trouble walking after she was freed, having lost circulation in her legs for some time. Jackson reportedly quickly recovered. In East Sussex, one must be 18-years of age to buy and consume alcohol so Jackson wasn’t breaking any laws.

The act of teens and adults getting stuck in highchairs is apparently not that uncommon. A quick You Tube search for “teen stuck in highchair” returned hundreds of results.