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Mom jumps off building with infant, falls 100 ft., baby survives

West Harlem apartment where a mother took her life by jumping eight stories with infant son, baby somehow survived. Screen shot via NBC News.

A New York mother, holding her 10-month-old son, leaped off her eight story apartment window on Wednesday in what police believe was a murder-suicide attempt.

According to NBC News, Cynthia Wachenheim, 45, reportedly left a 7-page suicide note before she took the fatal jump out her window with her infant son, Keston. The suicide note reportedly acknowledged that her actions were “evil”, but Wacherheim claimed she had no choice because she felt there was something wrong with her son’s development.

Shockingly, while Wachenheim perished, her infant son survived.

A neighbor who witnessed the jump in the West Harlem neighborhood, Steven Dominguez, 18, said that he went to investigate upon watching Wachenheim jump while walking to the grocery store. Dominguez said he was shocked to hear the baby crying after his mother hit the cement.

“I was shocked,” Dominguez said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Dominguez believes the infant survived because of the way Wachenheim was holding him. Dominguez said that the baby bounced off his mother’s body, breaking his fall.

Dominguez also said, “I wished I never witnessed that. I hope nobody ever has to witness that.”

Another neighbor said he heard the couple arguing earlier that morning but that the argument didn’t seem to be heated enough to push the mother to suicide.

The infant is currently in critical, but stable condition.

Wachenheim apparently jumped about an hour after her husband left their apartment home. Wachenheim had previous attended law school at Columbia University and worked in the state Supreme Court.