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'Little couple' adopt toddler with dwarfism

‘The Little Couple’, Bill Klein and Jen Arnold announce plans to adopt toddler from China. Photo via Facebook.

The stars of TLC’s reality show “The Little Couple” have announced on Tuesday that they are planning on adopting a toddler boy from China, with dwarfism.

The stars of “The Little Couple” Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold are a couple afflicted with dwarfism. Dr. Arnold, a gynecologist, stands only 3 feet, 2 inches. While there are 300 different types of dwarfism, both Dr. Arnold and her husband Bill Klein were born with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia which is caused by a random genetic mutation.

The couple married in 2009 and have been very open on their reality TV show about their desire to become parents. Dr. Arnold consulted with several colleagues over the prospect of carrying her own child but the risk factors were too great.

The couple chose to use a surrogate in 2011, however, their surrogate had a miscarriage which proved to be heartbreaking for the couple.

TLC wrote on the couple’s official Facebook page their plans to adopt. The message read:

“We are SO happy to announce that Bill and Jen are adopting a 3 year old boy with dwarfism from China! Leave your best wishes for the soon-to-be mommy and daddy in the comments!”

The sixth season of “The Little Couple” premieres on TLC April 30 at 10 P.M. EST.

TLC says of the sixth season premiere, “The new season of “The Little Couple” picks up with Bill and Jen’s difficult journey to start a family. The couple is also finishing their new house and exploring the possibility of launching a new business–all while balancing their already-hectic schedules!”