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Kentucky mother allgedly abuses toddler inside pediatrician's office

Chelsie Immes charged with child abuse after dragging her toddler through pediatrician’s office causing bruises and cuts. Mug shot via Louisville Police.

A Louisville, Kentucky woman has been charged with criminal child abuse after she allegedly dragged her 1-year-old boy around a pediatrician’s waiting room and threw the boy into a chair on Friday.

Staff from the doctor’s office called police after one of the receptionists noticed the victim’s mother, Chelsie Immes, dragging the child around causing him to bump his head on a bookshelf.

The employee then witnessed Immes violently throwing the child into a chair and allegedly telling the child, “I hope you fall out of the chair bust your head on the floor.”

When police arrived, they noticed the boy had bruises and scratches on his forehead. Nurses at the pediatrician’s office also noticed a previous injury on the boy’s leg upon examination.

Immes allegedly admitted to previously spanking the child with a belt and was subsequently arrested and charged with child abuse after Child protective Services also found bruises on the boy’s buttocks, back and legs.