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Mother charged with SWATing prank

Mother allegedly calls in kidnapping hoax. Photo via Wikipedia.

A South Columbus, Ohio, mother has been charged with inducing panic after she made a 911 call on Wednesday morning, claiming her daughter was being held hostage at a nearby residence of which she gave the address.

The mother told police that her daughter was taken by force after she and her daughter were walking down their street Wednesday night, and was then forced to get into a kidnapper’s car. The mother said she witnessed the kidnapper taking her daughter to nearby home. The mother even claimed she went to the home to try to rescue her daughter but was met by a man with a gun.

As SWAT teams descended on the residence, they cleared out seven people.

Police later found out that the report was a hoax after they spoke to the supposed victim who said she was at that location willingly and had been there all night drinking.

Source: 10 TV