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Mom dies in car crash, 4-year-old pulls baby sister from wreckage

Lylah Huff (left), 2, was pulled from car accident that killed their mother in remote Wash. by her sister, Arianna Rath (right), 4. Screen shot via KPTV.

A 4-year-old Astoria, Ore. girl pulled her 2-year-old sister from a car crash that claimed the life of their mother, 26-year-old Jessica Rath on Tuesday night.

Rath was driving in a remote location sometime around midnight, along the coastline in Wash. to pick up her fisherman husband who had been out at sea for a period of time.

While en route to pick up her husband, Rath’s husband called her and told her of change in plans, he was actually scheduled to arrive in Portland, Ore. not Long Beach, Wash.. Rath turned the car around and started heading towards Portland when her husband called again and advised her not to pick him up in Portland, encouraging her to just head home because it was so late.

Rath reportedly told her husband she was okay to drive to Portland but police believe that Rath fell asleep behind the wheel.

Rath and her two daughters, 4-year-old Arianna Rath and 2-year-old Lylah Huff slammed head on into a tree, killing Rath.

According to KPTV, the 4-year-old girl then got her seriously injured 2-year-old sister out of the car and hid in a nearby bush.

The girls were discovered at around 8 am by a passerby who stopped to investigate the crash. The person discovered the two injured girls, cold, scared and covered in blankets and called 911.

Lylah was flown to Oregon University for treatment, her condition is not yet available but police say she was seriously hurt.

Arianna was released and reunited with her father.