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10-year-old calls cops to complain about bedtime

Young boy calls 911 to report his mother mean behavior by sending him to bed at 8 PM. Photo via HGTV.

A Brockton, Mass. boy was lectured by police officers on Wednesday night after he called 911 to complain about his 8 o’clock bedtime.

The 10-year-old boy was apparently angry at his mom for insisting he go to bed at 8 P.M. so he called the police to report the great injustice of it all.

According to KSDK News, police went to the boy’s home and explained to him that while he might be upset, calling 911 to protest his bedtime was not appropriate and explained the difference between an objection and an emergency or crime. Police told the boy that avoiding bedtime is not a good reason to call 911.

Police did not file charges.