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Baby piglet gets around with piggy wheelchair (video)

Meet Chris P. Bacon, the baby pig who’s become an Internet sensation. Screen shot via You Tube.

A one month old pig who was born with a birth defect depriving him use of his hind legs got a life changing gift from a veterinarian who made the baby pig a makeshift wheelchair from toy parts.

So what did the vet name a pig with his amount of moxie?: “Chris P. Bacon”.

Dr. Len Lucero, the veterinarian who adopted the special needs pig says he’s been getting emails from all over the world since he posted a You Tube video featuring Chris’ introduction to his new wheels. Dr. Lucero said that many people have offered to take the pig but he’s not willing to give him up. Chris P Bacon will reside on Dr. Lucero’s farm in Clermont, Fla.. Dr. Lucero said that when Chris grows to maturity, he will be outfitted with a real animal wheelchair.

Chris P. Bacon is so popular, he even has his own Twitter account and Facebook page.

So, what did Chris tweet about today?

Have to show off my Dad’s picture in today’s paper too, thanks for helping me Cindy. The buttons on your phone..