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Kindergartener suspended over Hello Kitty Bubble gun talk

5-year-old Pennsylvania girl suspended after Hello Kitty toy gun blunder.

A 5-year-old central Pennsylvania youngster was suspended on Jan. 10 after she made remarks to her friend about playing with her Hello Kitty toy bubble-blower gun.

The Kindergartener was suspended for what the school deemed to be a “terrorist threat” after the youngster reportedly said to her friend, “I’ll shoot you, you shoot me, and we’ll all play together”.

The unidentified youngster’s parents have hired a lawyer, Robin Ficker, who claims the girl was talking about shooting bubbles, not issuing a real threat. The lawyer said that the girl’s mother does not allow toy guns in the house.

The girl’s remark was made while she and a friend were waiting for their bus after school.

The school also required a psychological evaluation as part of the suspension. The suspension forms described the girl’s friend, to whom the remarks were made, as a “victim”.

The family’s lawyer says the psychological evaluation came back, dismissing any claims that the girl was a threat to society. The therapist also wrote that he found zero evidence that the girl had behavioral problems or was a product of poor parenting. He described the girl as normal in the ability to forge social relationships and wrote that he didn’t believe the girl understood the gravity of the comment she made.

The Mount Carmel Area Elementary school originally issued the Kindergartener a 10-day suspension but reduced it down to 2-days, without official explanation. The school claims while they cannot talk about pending litigation, they believe when the facts come out, the public will have a different opinion of the incident.

The Kindergartener’s remark was reported to the Principal by a school staff member, who searched the youngsters backpack for a gun and didn’t anything.