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Police: Youngsters removed from home, 'feces everywhere'

Kelso Police photo of Washington home where two children, 2 and 7, were removed for living in deplorable conditions.

Two young children were removed from a Kelso, Wash. home on Saturday after their father contacted police about alleged neglect in the home of the children’s mother, Nicole Jacob.

When police arrived at the home, they found two young children, ages 2 and 7, who were without clothes and living in squalor. The children were also found among large amounts of feces, garbage and rotted food.

The police officer’s wrote in their report that one child was observed running through the house without clothes, stepping in feces and another child sleeping in a chair whom the police believe didn’t have a bed. Police believe the mother’s behavior indicated that she was likely intoxicated. Police searched the home and found a backed up toilet, with days, if not weeks, of accumulated feces in the bathtub, on the floor and on the walls. Police say the children were walking through feces on the floor, tracking it into every room, including the kitchen.

One female officer described the surrounding a “disgusting mess” and said the home made her sick to her stomach. A reporter with KPTV said that pungent odor could be smelled from the street.

Kelso Police called CPS to take custody of the two youngsters. The children’s mother told police she couldn’t find shoes, socks or clothing for the children among the mess.

Police say there was no food in the house except milk and a jar of pickles. The neighbor told KPTV that when she met the officers at the house, one of the children came up to her and said they were hungry.

The children’s father, who originally made the call to police was arrested for domestic abuse after police noticed Jacobs had a bruise above her eye. The father, Danny Wannamaker, admitted that the couple had an argument earlier over $40 in cash.

The house has since been condemned.