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Illinois pedophile claims Justin Bieber sent him subliminal messages

Lawrence E. Adamczyk, 49, arrested for loitering inside high school where he was allegedly trying to solicit sex from young boys. Mug shot via Riverside Police Dept.

An Illinois man admitted to Riverside Police on Monday that he took a train nearly 90 miles away from his home to solicit and prey on young boys at a community zoo.

The Brookfield zoo is not where Lawrence E. Adamczyk, 49, wound up however. Adamczyk told police he intended to visit the Chicagoland zoo with the purpose of soliciting young boys for sex, but got detoured when he started to hear Justin Bieber’s voice in his head.

Adamczyk claims that while he was en route to the zoo, he received a brain-wave message from Justin Bieber telling him to visit the local high school instead of the zoo.

Adamczyk wound up at Riverside Brookfield High School where he sourced out a swim meet and sat in the bleachers as a spectator. School security staff called police upon observing suspicious behavior and failing to identify the man.

When Riverside Brookfield police arrived, they asked Adamczyk why he was there. Adamcyzk told police that he had children who were participating in the competition. According to WREX-TV, when Adamczyk was asked the children’s names, he was unable to answer.

Police took Adamcyzk into custody after Adamcyzk produced identification that put his residence in Rockford, Ill., nearly 90 miles away.

Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said that Adamcyzk was violating probation at the time of the incident, having been on electronic monitoring at the time after his Dec. 2012 parole. Adamcyzk had priors that included a “sex act” conviction at a fitness center in 2011.