Wife of man abducted as boy defends abductors

Michael Landers, 24, abducted 20 years ago, found. Screen shot via You Tube.

Bobbie Landers, the wife of a man missing since early childhood, 24-year-old Michael Landers, says the grandparents who ran off with  him made him “the man he is today”.

Michael Landers, born Richard Wayne Landers Jr., made headlines last week after he was found to be living in Long Prairie  Minnesota, after being reported missing almost 20 years ago. Lander’s paternal grandparents had taken the child from Indiana, 600 miles to central Minnesota, changed his name, and lived under aliases since 1994 from the time the boy was 5-years-old. The grandparents reportedly kept his whereabouts and ceased contact with the boy’s biological parents.

His mother and stepfather gained traction with a  new-found interest in the case after discussing their case with a police detective at their church. The detective reopened the case and found their son was living next door to his paternal grandparents by tracking him down via his social security number, after disappearing two decades ago.

Michael has since grown up, got married and is now expecting his first child with his wife, Bobbie.

According to Radar Online, Bobbie hast taken to Facebook to express her forgiveness and gratitude towards her husband’s grandparents, Richard and Ruth Landers, writing, “His “grandparents” didn’t follow the law, but they did what was right. Sometimes, our U.S. laws don’t help or protect the people they should. He was 5. He remembers his birth parents and what they were like”.

Bobbie also explained, “He had been living under his grandparents care since he was a 6 month old baby. He was where he wanted and needed to be to be safe and become the man he is today, my husband and best friend”.

Michael’s biological father also expressed forgiveness, saying his parents were only doing what they felt was right.

Michael is said to be in shock, his biological mother, elated. Michael’s biological parents, now divorced, hope to reunite with him soon.