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Father accused of tying up toddler, placing him in cage

Michael Kitzman, 34, arrested after allegedly tying up his toddler son, beating him and leaving him in dog cage. Mug shot via Fox Valley Sheriff’s Dept.

Michael D. Kitzman, 34, of Little Chute, Wisc., has been charged with child abuse after police say the man beat his 2-year-old son, tied him up and placed in him a dark room in a dog kennel.

Although the alleged abuse incident happened in Oct. 2012, police filed their final report on Jan. 7 after a three month long investigation which led to Kitzman’s arrest last weekend.

Officer Scott Vanschyndel told Fox 11 that Kitzman reportedly lost his temper and began beating the toddler boy after the boy gave one of his siblings toys to the family dog. Police say Kitzman then tied the boy’s arms and legs up behind his back and placed him on his stomach on the floor for about 45 minutes. He then untied the boy and allegedly placed him a dog kennel, in a dark room, where the tot eventually fell asleep.

Kitzman reportedly admitted to most of the abuse, explaining, “I just blew up…I just lost it and I blanked out”.

The abuse was reported by an¬†anonymous¬†witness who went to the police shortly after the incident happened. Police followed up and said that they observed a large bruise on the boy’s leg when they went to the family’s home.

Kitzman’s wife reportedly cooperated with police when interviewed.

Kitzman could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. He is currently being held on a $10,000 bond.