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Couple arrive home to find babysitter drunk

Illinois parents come home to find babysitter passed out. Photo via Zsuzsanna Kilian.

An Illinois couple who hired a babysitter to look after their 13-month-old toddler while they ran out to run a few holiday errands, were shocked and horrified to find the babysitter slumped over and passed out when they arrived home. The babysitter was reportedly drunk.

Jessica M. Vaughan, 23, was hired to look after the couple’s baby on Monday afternoon, but apparently went on a drinking binge instead.

The couple called police and an ambulance upon arriving home and finding the sitter slumped over on their kitchen counter. According to CBS Chicago, police stated in their report that Vaughan had a blood alcohol level of 0.36, which is four times the legal limit.

Vaughan was charged with endangering the life of a child, which is a misdemeanor. The toddler was unharmed.