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Australian mother surprised tot's egg stash hatched venomous snakes

Kyle Cummings, 3, brought eggs inside home which later hatched in to venomous snakes. Screen shot via

A 3-year-old toddler in Townsville in Queensland state, Australia, gave his mother, Donna Sim, quite a scare on Monday when she looked inside the boy’s closet and found seven deadly, squirming snakes.

The curious toddler, Kyle Cummings, apparently found nine eggs in his backyard and put them inside a take-out container. Kyle then put the container inside his closet for safe keeping. Seven of the eggs reportedly hatched in young Kyle’s closet, producing some of the most venomous snakes in Australia.

Ms. Sim happened upon the snakes after opening Kyle’s closet door and discovering snakes trying to escape from the container where the eggs were being kept.

Sim told, “I was pretty shocked, particularly because I don’t like snakes.”

The family then closed the container and brought the snakes to a nearby sanctuary. Wildlife coordinator Trish Prendergast said that Kyle was extremely lucky. Even touching the snakes and exposing their venom to an open wound or mouth could be fatal. Eastern brown snakes are known to be extremely aggressive and deadly.

Kyle’s mother says the tot was sad to the snakes go. “He thought they were beautiful,” Sim said.

Sim says the incident prompted her to have serious talk with Kyle and explain the dangers of snakes in that area.