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Illinois home intruder makes himself at home with family

Daniel W. Bailey, 32, made himself at home after allegedly breaking into an Illinois family’s home. Mug shot via Will County Sheriff’s Office.

When Daniel Bailey, 32, of Mokena, Illinois, ran out of gas early Thursday morning, he apparently decided to break into a Will County home and make himself comfortable.

Bailey reportedly ingratiated himself as a member of the family, acting as if their casa was his casa.

The family told police that they found food missing, a half eaten coffee cake and noticed that Bailey had turned on their Christmas lights and played a few rounds of darts before he woke the family up. The television was also on and candles were lit.

The family was alerted to the intruder after he knocked on their door early Thursday morning. The family woke up and found Bailey sitting on their stairs playing with and petting the family cat.

When police arrived, they searched Bailey’s vehicle and found a stockpile of food he had taken from the victim’s home. Police also found evidence that Bailey was trying to siphon off gas from vehicles in the family’s garage. Police say they found frozen pizzas, Hot Pockets, Mozzarella sticks and many other food items taken from the homne. He reportedly allowed police to search his car voluntarily.

Bailey was arrested and charged with residential burglary  vandalism, theft and drug paraphernalia after police also found marijuana paraphernalia in his car.

Source: CBS Chicago