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After-school Kindergarten teacher reportedly a Santa killjoy

Teacher reportedly tells class Santa isn’t real. Graphic via Robert Proska.

Many parents were furious last week after they found out that Mrs. Fuller, an after-school teacher in Austin, Texas, ruined a Kindergarten class’  belief in Santa by telling the class Santa wasn’t real.

The kill-joy teacher is employed by Pease Elementary, a public charter school in Austin, Texas.

Parents were alerted when some of their 5-year-old children came home recently and asked their parents if Santa was real. When one father asked his daughter why she was asking, she said it was because Mrs. Fuller said that Santa wasn’t real. The girl claimed the teacher asked the kids  ‘None of you believe in Santa do you?’ and then proceeded to tell the class that it was actually their mom and dad who put all the presents under the tree.

But Mrs. Fuller wasn’t the only grinch to steal Christmas. The girl’s mother said that spoke to another parent who said that another teacher assigned the children a project asking them to draw something real on one side of the paper and something fake on the other. When one boy drew Santa on the real side, the teacher corrected him and told him to put that in the ‘fake’ column.

According to the Houston Press, the mother emailed the principal, who was extremely upset by the teacher’s actions and said the teachers were reprimanded and given the “proper tools” to deal with these types of situations in the future.