Teen runs away from foster home with newborn baby

16-year-old Donnielle Owens and 10-day-old daughter may be in danger after running away. Photo via sxc photo.

Ohio Police are search for a teenage girl, Donnielle Owens, from Newark, Ohio, who was last seen early Sunday morning. Donnielle has reportedly run away with her 10-day-old daughter, Raydreonna A. Moorfield, and is currently being sought by authorities.

Police believe Donnielle Owens took a taxi to Columbus around 3 am on Sunday morning, with an 11-year-old boy named Austin Neff. Austin was also in foster care at the time the pair ran away.

The Ohio Attorney Generals office reported that Owens was dropped off at in the 40 block of South Terrace Avenue in Columbus. The cab driver claims that she fled once she reached her destination.

Owens is described as an African American with dark hair and dark eyes, 5 feet tall and 107 pounds. Newark Police say the teen mom and her baby may be in danger.

Anyone with information about Owens’ whereabouts is asked to call Newark police at 740-670-7201.

Source: 10 TV