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Father's girlfriend charged in connection with10-year-old daughter's death

Miranda Crockett, 10 (left), died suspiciously while in father’s girlfriend’s, Chandra Rose’s care (right). Photo via family photo and Multnomah County Sheriff’s office.

An Oregon woman has been arrested after police believe her longtime boyfriend’s daughter, 10-year-old Miranda Crockett, died suspiciously in her care.

Chandra Rose has been charged with two felony counts of criminal mistreatment and reckless endangerment misdemeanors. Police have not yet charged Rose with murder and have not stated whether she is being investigated for murder until autopsy reports are confirmed.

Miranda died Saturday. While police are not saying how the girl died, their charges accuse Rose of “withholding necessary and adequate physical care from” Miranda while the Miranda was in her care. Miranda was home with her father’s girlfriend the day she died, along with the girlfriend’s three children.

Miranda used to attend Salish Pond Elementary school in Fairview, Oregon, until this fall when Miranda was taken out of school to be home-schooled.

An autopsy has been performed on Miranda, but medical examiners have yet to make a final determination.

On Thursday, Miranda’s father, Dan Crockett, reportedly sent an email to KPTV, vaguely explaining what he knew:

“I know there was an altercation. I know she was soaking wet. I know she drowned,” he wrote. “I know Chandra would likely have been asleep that early in the day, and that the kids liked to capitalize on her being hard of hearing. That’s all I know for certain. I still haven’t seen Miranda since I gave her a hug and kiss goodbye on Friday.”

Earlier reports had Dan Crockett denying that his girlfriend, Chandra Rose, whom he’s known for 15 years, was involved.

Dan Crockett allegedly wrote on a local television new’s Facebook page, “I know what the police reports say, but I do not believe that Chandra did this.”

He also wrote, “Words cannot express my heartbreak, the absence of purpose, the ache to my very core that this brings. I no longer feel a sense of purpose, and am struggling to find a way to go on in the void that Miranda has left behind.”