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19 baby boys delivered consecutively at University of Minnesota

Baby boys are all the rage at the University of Minnesota. Photo via Hector Landaeta.

And it’s a…..boy! And another boy, and another boy and another boy and so on and so on and so on.

For the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, Minnesota, the “congratulations, it’s a boy!” announcement could have been played on continual loop over the Thanksgiving weekend. The law of averages was so unusual, it prompted the hospital to make a statement about it on Monday.

Nurse manger Lisa Archer told the Pioneer Press, “I’m calling it a statistical marvel.┬áIt’s a marvel, at least, to myself and my staff.”

The baby boy explosion started at around 9 pm on Friday and ended around 7 am on Monday. Every birth at the hospital within that 58 hour period was a boy. Not one girl was delivered the entire weekend.

So what is the statistical probability of such an outcome, around .043%. Perhaps those parents should be playing the Lotto.