Father arrested after trying to give away toddler at bus station

Chicago police arrest a man trying to pawn off his toddler son to strangers in Chicago. Photo via sxc photo.

A Wisconsin man was arrested charged with a misdemeanor after he attempted to give away his 3-year-old son to any taker at a downtown Chicago Greyhound bus station on Saturday.

Joseph Corter, 31-years-old, was believed to have been intoxicated on Saturday night when he asked several patrons if they would be willing to take his toddler son. After several people declined, Corter tried to leave the toddler there and flee the scene. He was stopped by security officers who then called the police.

Chicago Police arrived and arrested Corter who was charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, a fairly low-level charge although DCFS says it will pursue an investigation into child neglect.

The baby was handed over to DCFS custody unharmed. The boy’s mother’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Source: CBS Chicago