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Husband sues wife for giving birth to 'ugly' baby

Woman who underwent plastic surgery sued by husband after she gave birth to “ugly” baby. Photo via Craigslist.

A Chinese man who married an attractive woman in hopes of producing attractive offspring, sued his wife after their first child was born. The man claims the baby failed to meet his ‘good looks’ expectations.

Jian Feng of China, took his wife to court, claiming she must have cheated on him to product such an ugly baby. Feng charged that he “ugly” baby couldn’t have been his. It was later revealed to him however, that his beautiful wife had undergone $100,00 of plastic surgery in order to achieve her stunning looks. Feng then sued the woman for fraud.

According to, the claimant went before a male judge and won his suit. Feng was awarded $120,000 in what the judge believed to be a marriage based on false pretenses. The couple’s marriage ended in divorce immediately after Feng’s wife told him about her plastic surgery and revealed that she was rather homely before marrying him.