Chicago family sues school board over child's abduction, rape

Cook Elementary in Chicago where family claims 11-year-old daughter was abducted and molested before school. Photo via Google Maps.

A Chicago family is suing the Chicago Board of Education for failing to keep their daughter safe and reporting a witnessed abduction. The victim was a student at Cook Elementary on Chicago’s south side back in May. The family filed their lawsuit this week.

The lawsuit claims that their daughter was abducted by a stranger, early in the morning, before school started. The family also claims the incident was observed by a teacher. The family alleges that the teacher yelled after witnessing the abduction and even took pictures of the incident as it unfolded but failed to notify the parents until 5 pm that day.

According to CLTV, the family’s lawyer, Jeff Deutschman, released a¬†statement¬†which read, “The teacher did not call the school security, did not call theChicago Police Department, did not call the principal of the school, did not contact any law enforcement personnel.”

The family claims the 11-year-old girl was raped and molested at an unknown location.