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8-year-old finds death threat in her desk

Emma, 8, scared to go to school after finding death threat in her desk. Screen shot via WBTV.

An 8-year-old third grader in Mesa, Arizona, got quite a scare during a parent/teacher conference on Tuesday when she opened her desk a found a threatening message.

Emma says she was very upset when she found a note that read, “To Emma. I will kill you. From Adam.”

“I’m very uncomfortable, and I don’t really like it,” said Emma to WBTV.

Now the girl’s mother, Melissa Mark-Whitehurst, is demanding the school guarantees her daughter will be safe at school before she sends her back. Mark-Whitehurst notified Mesa police and wants the school to take the threat seriously.

Mark-Whitehurst kept Emma home today because she feared for her safety. She is demanding the school notify all parents, saying they all have a right to know. She says the school hasn’t definitively laid out a plan as to how they are going to deal with the threat and that bothers her.

The principal of Booker T. Washington Elementary says she’s spoken to boy who supposedly signed the note but he’s claiming he didn’t write it. The principal is promising to get to the bottom of it, by interviewing several classmates to find out if anybody knows anything about it and at this point, that is the best they can do.

Marek-Whitehurst disagrees.