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California father threatens to shoot neighborhood speeders

A Bakersfield tries a new approach to dealing with speeders. Screen capture via ABC30 Fresno.

A Bakersfield, California father is tired of drivers speeding through his neighborhood, threatening neighborhood safety. Concerned with the welfare of his children, he decided to take a new approach to warning speeders. Phillip has put up a sign in his front yard warning drivers: “Warning! You hit my kid, you will be shot!!”

While Phillip has instructed his four-year-old son to stay away from the road, he recognizes that children do not always listen. In fact, he and his wife have had several close calls with speeders.

Neighbors agree that the development has been plagued with speeders. While some neighbors support the family’s methods, others do not. One neighbor said, “That’s a little extreme. I don’t thing anybody should be shot.”

While police do not support Phillip’s method, they also state that he is not doing anything illegal by displaying the sign. However, they recommend that anyone concerned about speeding through their neighborhood should call the police.

The family contends that they have tried other methods to slow down drivers, yet nothing has worked. Thus, Phillip decided to try this new tactic. He says, “Whether they slow down to read my sign, take offense to it, take it as a threat, I don’t know what else to do just slow down.” Phillip explains that his intention is not shoot someone, just to convince them to slow down.

Sources: ABC30 Fresno, KERO-TV Bakersfield