Gruesome details emerge on body believed to be Jessica Ridgeway (graphic)

Body believed to be Jessica Ridgeway reportedly “not intact”. Photo via Westminster Colorado Police

While police are remaining mum on positive identification of the body Westminster Colorado police found Wednesday night near where 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway went missing last Friday, new grisly details are starting to emerge.

Jessica Ridgeway went missing on Friday after she left her home sometime shortly after 8 am, walking to a local park to meet friends and then continue on to school. Unbeknownst to Jessica’s mother, Sarah Ridgeway, Jessica reportedly never made it to school that day. Sarah Ridgeway apparently works the graveyard shift and slept through a call from the school reporting her absence. When Sarah Ridgeway got the message at 4 pm, she checked with Jessica’s friends and found out that Jessica never made it to the park that morning. Ms. Ridgeway immediately called police to report Jessica missing.

On Sunday, the first clue was discovered about 11 miles from Jessica’s home — her backback and a water bottle.

Last night, a body was discovered and removed from a field near where Jessica went missing. Several media outlets, including Fox News and ABC News have sources and law enforcement officers who told them the body is likely Jessica Ridgeway, however, the police are not releasing any new details on the discovery of that body. Some reports suggest it may be 48 to 72 hours before police make a positive ID on the body.

One detail that has recently been revealed however, is the integrity of the body recovered from Arvada, Colorado. According to KDVR News, the body that was found was “not intact”. This emerging detail and the suggestion that the body was dismembered may be why police have been unable to positively identify the body without additional forensics and an autopsy.

Both Jessica’s parents have been cleared by police as possible suspects at this time.