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School blamed for losing 6-year-old for 3 hours

Mother wants to know why 6-year-old Haileigh was able to leave school on her own. Screen shot via Click Orlando.

A 6-year-old Winter Springs, Florida, girl was found after she apparently wandered off from school earlier this week instead of going to the after-care program where she belonged. The girl’s mother found out that her daughter had been unaccounted for for nearly three hours.

The child’s mother, Tiffany Roberts, said she went to pick up her daughter, Haileigh, from Winter Springs Elementary school, but she wasn’t there. Roberts says the school is situated near a dangerous highway. Roberts later found out that her daughter left the school with another child, leaving the school’s cafeteria where the after school program children met, and walked out the door.

Roberts said she was panicked and terrified because the school had no idea where Haileigh was. Roberts told WKMG 6 News that she thought her daughter had been abducted.

Roberts claims that the school’s principal denied any wrongdoing and said that it was Haileigh’s responsibility to know where to go.

School officials believe that Hailey somehow left the cafeteria and wound up in a line of students who walk home. Haileigh then followed a classmate who met up with her teenage sister several miles away. Police believe Haileigh traveled down the busy highway near the school for quite a ways. Police are unsure how Haileigh was able to cross the busy highway by herself.

The school district says they will investigate how Haileigh was able to leave on her own.