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Toddler falls asleep on pavement after man abandons her

Jerry Montalvo, 28, and Stacia Rogers, 20, allegedly abandoned toddler outside of closed mall. Mug shots via Kissimmee Police.

A 2-year-old toddler girl was found sleeping just outside a Kissimmee, Florida, store after closing, at around 3 am Monday morning. The toddler was reportedly left there by her mother’s boyfriend.

Police had prior contact with the suspects in the case earlier that night when they responded to an unrelated criminal mischief call at a local Motel 9. At that time Kissimmee police say the tot was in the care of her mother Stacia Rogers, 20, and her boyfriend Jerry Montalvo, 28. Police did not arrest either suspect at that time.

Later that night however, a witness called police after finding the 2-year-old asleep, outside the ‘Ross Dress for Less’ store at the Osceloa Square Mall, according to  CF News 13. The witness reported she saw the girl drop to the pavement and go to sleep after she saw a man, who was roaming around aimlessly outside of the closed mall with the toddler.

The witness said the man appeared to be on drugs.

Police scoured the area looking for the girl’s mother who was eventually found at a Budgetel hotel. The woman’s boyfriend was found in front of a Family Dollar store. Police described the boyfriend as acting disoriented and under the influence.

The couple was arrested and the child was placed in the care of DCFS.