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Superbug claims 7th victim in Maryland hospital

A deadly germ that has proved to be almost invincible due to its resistance to most antibiotics has been blamed for the death of a seventh person at Maryland’s National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.

The death was reported on Friday in the Washington Post.  The victim, a boy from Minnesota, died on September 7th, according to NIH officials. The NIH reported that the boy had come to the research hospital in Bethesda, Maryland in April to be treated for complications that stemmed from a bone marrow transplant. He apparently contracted the germ during treatment.

The germ in question is an antibiotic-resistant strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae, also known as KPC. The boy was the 19th patient at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center to become ill from the bug. The outbreak started last summer when a single patient carrying the superbug arrived at the hospital.

The paper reported there had been no new cases of KPC reported at NIH since January before the Minnesota boy became ill.