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Pennsylvania school sports sign reveals embarrassing typo

Sign at Red Lion SD football field contained embarrassing typo. Can you find it? Photo via Twitter.

The Red Lion School District outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania issued an apology today after one of their students posted a picture of a sponsored athletic sign, hung up on the schools football field, containing an embarrassing typo.

The sign should have read, “Become a Partner in Public Education with the Red Lion Area School District”, but instead read, “Become a Partner in Pubic Education…”.

The marketing and communications manager of the Red Lion School District, Don Dimoff, spoke with Cameron Smith from Yahoo! Sports about the error and how the innocent mistake has left him with sleepless nights and anxiety.

Dimoff told Yahoo, “The poor sign company feels horrible because they missed it. The people who hung the sign feel horrible because they missed it. I feel horrible.”

Dimoff said although dozens of people saw the sign before it went up, nobody caught that tiny, missing letter, which turned out to cause the school district a world of hurt in collateral damage. Dimoff also said the error brings undue scrutiny to sponsors, who support the school and offer their services, often times free of charge.

The school district published a statement of apology today on their website, which reads:

“We recently had an unfortunate error on a banner that was displayed on the Red Lion Area School District’s Horn Field. Once the error was identified, the banner was removed.  It will be replaced with a corrected banner. This error in no way reflects upon the quality of the programs in the Red Lion Area School District nor is it a reflection upon the corporate sponsors who support our students and district. Rest assured, the district is working to evaluate its process for creating and displaying banners. We apologize for the error and the concerns that it has caused.

We continue to be very proud of our district and we value the support of our community, alumni, and corporate sponsors.”