Father wrestles man who grabbed his two-year-old daughter

Father takes daughter to see skyscrapers lit up, saves her from abduction. Image via stock.xchng.

Kelly Davis, 31, took his daughters to Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago last Saturday night so that they could see the big skyscrapers and lights. Davis told The Chicago Tribune, “We thought it would be a nice family outing to see the city at night and the girls could see the big skyscrapers and the lights. My daughters wanted to go on the slide in the Picasso statue in the plaza, they like to play on it like it’s a slide.”

What started out as a nice family night quickly turned into a nightmare. Around 9:30PM, Davis saw a man approaching. He seemed to be oddly fixated upon Davis’ children, especially his 2-year-old daughter, Myla.

According to Davis, the man grabbed Myla, calling her his “Goldilocks.” Davis was able to wrestle the man away. Amanda Green, the girls’ mother, was able to pull the girls away while their father fought off the attacker.

Eventually, the man broke away and started to walk away. Davis pursued him as he moved through buildings and streets, alternating between running and walking.

Finally, Davis located police who were able to arrest the man. The man has been identified as 55-year-old James Gates. He has been charged with battery and attempted kidnapping. According to CBS Chicago, Gates has a prior criminal record that includes armed robbery and drug charges.

The daughters were both scared during the ordeal and Myla has been having issues sleeping.

Davis told CBS Chicago: “Because of that guy, my kids are going to have fears, and memories that no 2- and 4-year-old ever should.”

Had Davis not jumped to action, Gates may not have been caught. Green told CBS Chicago, “Everybody’s just standing there. Nobody did anything. Everybody just stood there staring at us the whole time.”