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Horrifying video of mother and 4-year-old falling off subway platform

Mother falls face first into subway pit holding toddler. Screen shot via You Tube.

A Boston, Mass. mother was caught on surveillance video walking off a subway platform holding her 4-year-old son. The pair fell so violently, the mother fell on top of the boy who hit his head on the train tracks. The mother, stunned and unable to get up, was helped by onlookers who were also shocked by the incident which happened on Wednesday, early evening.

The mother and son were taken to the hospital but were both found unharmed. A spokesperson for the Greater Boston transport system, MBTA, said that the woman explained that she was distracted while holding her son and saw a train on the other side of the tracks and thought the platform extended to that train. She reportedly didn’t even see the drop off and stepped right off the edge.

The mother said that she’s never riding the subway again.

The MBTA said that both the victims and the Good Samaritans are lucky. The incident happened during rush hour train service and that they were only inches away from the third rail, which is electrified.