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Mother carries infant into river trying to save toddler, both drown

Krystal Brown (center) died trying to save 3-year-old son. Screen shot via WMBF News.

A 30-year-old Russell County, Georgia mother is dead after she tried to save her 3-year-old son from drowning on Sunday while the family was on a fishing trip near Rigdon Park in Georgia. Krystal Brown jumped into the Chattahoochee River after she noticed her toddler son, Davie Brown, disappeared from view. Davie and his mother were there with his three other siblings and his father.

Brown reacted so quickly, she went into the river carrying her 11-month-old son, but apparently she wasn’t prepared for the deep slope and swift currents. The local coroner Bill Thrower said the husband went in to try to save all three family members but was nearly taken away with the current. Thrower said Brown and the baby, Mister, slipped away and it was all the husband could do to save his own life.

Unbeknownst to the family, the river contained a 15-foot drop off.

Davie was pulled from the water alive and is now lying in critical condition in a nearby hospital while family members pray for his recovery. According to WMBF News, Davie has been unresponsive and is expected to undergo testing to determine if he has any active brain waves today. Rescue crews recovered the deceased bodies of Ms. Brown and her baby son (Davie’s brother), Mister.