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Mom leaves three kids alone, has sex at neighbor's house

Crystal Rusaw

Her priorities firmly in place, 24-year-old mother Crystal Rusaw of New Port Richey, Florida, left her three children — ages 4, 3, and 10 months — home alone for hours so that she could have sex with a neighbor at his home.

The three kids crossed Massachusetts Avenue — a busy four-lane highway with a 45mph speed limit– at 5AM on Sunday, with the four-year-old carrying the 10-month-old. The baby was wearing nothing but a soiled diaper. A passerby stopped the children and called police. When their mother was located, she told police that she had fallen asleep after sex with the neighbor. The children had been left alone for four hours.

One of Rusaw’s neighbors, Williams Gray, told ABC Action News that the children are often seen playing alone outside. “I just see toys, and little kids always running and walking, and riding bicycles unsupervised down the street,” he said. The event does not seem to have hurt Rusaw’s social standing, as her Facebook page shows a flurry of new friend requests in the past few days.

Rusaw has been charged with three counts of child neglect.

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