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Ohio teen collapses after playing video games for 4-days straight

Tyler Rigsby, 15, suffers from acute dehydration after a 5-day gaming marathon. Photo via Facebook.

A 15-year-old Columbus, Ohio boy who played ‘Modern Warfare 3’ on his Xbox in his bedroom from the start of the weekend until Tuesday morning, had to be rushed to the hospital after he collapsed. The young gamer, Tyler Rigsby, was said to be suffering from severe dehydration after he emerged from his gaming marathon. His mother, Jessie Rawlins, told NBC Columbus that her son sequestered himself inside his bedroom, playing video games for up to 4-or-5-days straight, only leaving his bedroom to use the bathroom and get snacks every so often.

When he finally took an extended break on Tuesday morning, he reportedly became very ill. His mother described him as extremely pale and saw his lips turn blue right before he collapsed. Rawlins says she was frightened by the incident, watching her son unable to stand up on his own. Rigsby was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for severe dehydration, which can be fatal if left untreated.

Rawlins said the took the Xbox away from her son, without any objections. Rawlins said the incident scared him and he agreed to give it a break.

Doctors say his condition was exacerbated by his staying awake for several days as well.