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Alligator bites off Florida teen's arm while swimming

Kaleb Langdale, 17, had arm chomped off by alligator while swimming in Florida. Family photo.

A Florida teen lost his arm on Monday after an alligator attacked him. Kaleb Langdale, 17, was swimming in the Caloosahatchee River in southeast Florida, along with a few of his friends.

According to WBBH News, Langdale’s friends said that the alligator zeroed in on Langdale so Langdale held up his arm to protect his body. All the of the sudden, Langdale was pulled underwater by the alligator, similar to a shark attack according to Langdale’s friends, Matt Baker and Gary Beck. When Langdale came up for air, he yelled to his friends to call 911 because his arm was gone. The alligator had apparently ripped Langdale’s arm off just below the elbow.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman, Jorge Pino said they found the alligator and tried to retrieve Langdale’s arm after shooting the alligator dead so that surgeons could attempt to reattach it, but doctors were unsuccessful in their attempt.

The area where Langdale and his friends went swimming is known for it’s sizable alligator population but according to the Orlando Sentinel, alligator attacks on humans are still quite rare. Only 224 people have been attacked by alligators since 1948, 22 of those attacks resulted in fatalities.

Langdale is expected to survive and recover. His current condition is not yet known but his friends said he’s currently in “good spirits”.