34-Year-old man accused of killing his mother for nagging him

Man arrested for killing his mother. Via Google Images.

Earnest McGee has been charged with one count of first degree murder for killing his mother, according to authorities. The 34-year-old Chicago man allegedly fatally shot hs 62-year-old mother, Aletha McGee in the basement of her home.

Authorities reported that McGee said at the bond hearing that his mother was “driving him crazy” and “always nagging him.” Prosecutors reported that the man also said “I just snapped, that’s all.’’

Aletha McGree had been found in the basement of her home shortly after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, police said.  Prosecutors said that her son shot her several times at close range while she sat in a recliner sometime between Sunday and Tuesday, apparently after the two had been embroiled in an argument.

According to prosecutors, Earnest McGee had left the crime scene in his mother’s car. Then, on Tuesday night, he asked police to do a well-being check on the woman because he she wasn’t answering the phone or the door. When officers responded, he told them that he could not get insde. Police found the rear door unlocked with a broken key in the lock.

Prosecutors said Aletha McGee’s car was found the next day near Earnest McGee’s home. The gun was inside the vehicle’s trunk.

According to prosecutors, wtnesses reported to detectives that McGee had admitted to them that he had killed his mother and even showed one witness where he had parked her car.

Aletha McGee, a mother and grandmother, had lived in her home for about 40 years.