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Father makes son wear sign on street to learn respect

Father had boy wear sign after he failed to call home over the weekend

Father makes son pound pavement with sign to learn respect. Photo via Wiki Commons.

In an attempt to drive home an important message to his son, Kevin Burks had his son walk along a street with a sign saying “Homeless, Won’t Listen to Parents.”

Over the weekend, Kenny, Burks’ 12-year-old son, was out and decided to spend the night at his friends. However, he did not call to check in at 8:30 PM as his father required. Instead, a friend called at 9:00 PM to say that Kenny would be spending the night. NBC 4 in Washington, D.C. reports that Burks then told his son to come home.

The Waldorf, Maryland father told NBC 4, “I pay for his clothes, his shoes, the roof over his head, his safety and everything he has. My thing is if you want to be your own adult, you’ll sit outside and be your own adult.”

Burks felt that taking away possessions and putting his son on punishment for a week would not get through to Kenny. So, he determined that maybe disciplining Kenny through a little public embarrassment would send him a message about respect.

The youth walked with the sign from 9:15 AM until 5:00 PM today. Burks was with his son. The pair took breaks for breakfast and lunch as well as every two hours.

Some area residents were concerned by the display and contacted authorities. Burks said that he did have to speak to authorities. However, he said the officer actually commended him after being told the details of the situation.