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Teen mom's toddler in agony after alleged abuse

19-year-old Jodi Rock admits to investigators that she intentionally burned her 15-month-old’s testicles with a hair straightening iron. Photo via Cherokee County Jail

19-year-old Jodi Rock from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, has been charged with felony injury to a minor child after after admitting to police she intentionally burned her 15-month-old son’s genitals with a hair straightening iron.

According to the arrest affidavit obtained by Tulsa World, Rock allegedly confessed to police that she burned her son’s genitals with a flat iron hair straightener.  She told them that she was straightening her hair and that she touched her hand to the iron then she took and closed the iron’s clamps on the toddler’s genitals.  The toddler had three burns across the genital area, starting on the inside of his right thigh across his testicles and on to the left inner thigh.

This may not have been the first instance of abuse.  According to the affidavit, several fractures were found on the child’s his left shoulder and 12-week-old fractures were found on his right shoulder.  Additionally, the affidavit states that the child also had forearm and wrist fractures that were somewhere between a day-old and 12-weeks-old and the bones in the forearm and wrists had never been properly set.

According to observations made by investigators, the toddler to be “glassy eyed” and “withdrawn” and his shoulder had a deformity.  The affidavit states that the child appeared to be in “agony.”

Rock is being held at the Cherokee County jail on $200,000 bail.