Alabama teen accused of killing classmate arrested in Dallas

Police suspect Hammad Memon, 16, and his mother were trying to flee the country

Hammad Memon, 16. Photo via Madison County Jail.

An Alabama teenager who allegedly killed a classmate was arrested in Dallas yesterday after police tracked his mother’s cell phone to find their whereabouts.

Hammad Memon, 16, and his mother, Safia, may have been planning to flee the U.S. when Texas authorities arrested them at 6:30 p.m. on Friday.

Alabama police Lt. John Stringer told reporters a judge revoked bond for the teen after authorities discovered he obtained a Pakistani passport was considered a flight risk. The mother and son remain in police custody today and are expected to be extradited back to Alabama sometime next week.

Hammad Memon allegedly shot his 14-year-old classmate Todd Brown to death in February of 2010 at Discovery Middle School in Madison, Ala.

He was out of jail at the time of yesterday’s arrest, having been released to his parents’ custody on a $75,000 bond in October of 2010. The teen faced trial as an adult June 18.

The Associated Press reported that Madison police collaborated with a cellphone provider to find Hammad and Safia Memon in downtown Dallas. After discovering the teen on a sidewalk, police chased him four blocks by foot into a local business. Hammad Memon gave up after being trapped in a restroom, Stringer said.

Hammad and his mother both had Pakistani passports and a large about of money on them.