Video captures woman brawling on college campus while holding toddler

Screenshot from video of brawl posted at KTVI-Fox News

A video that shows a brawl between students at a community college campus near St. Louis — including a woman holding a toddler — has gone viral.

The brawl started Monday at the St. Louis Community College at Meramec when one woman holding her young daughter got into an argument with another woman, according to KMOX-CBS St. Louis. The woman holding the child then backs up, puts the child on the ground and rushes over to attack the woman as other people get involved. At one point, the first woman yelled out, “Where’s my baby?”

Police arrived shortly after to break up the fight, according to KTVI-Fox News.

“Certainly, the child was one of our primary concerns because they’re innocent and their welfare is certainly important to anybody who knows anything about children,” KTVI quoted camps police chief Paul Banta.

KirkwoodPatch reported that five students were expelled for their parts in the fight. Police arrested three of the students on assault charges. Two students received minor injuries.