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Kentucky middle schoolers use social media to combat bullying

Students at Woodland Middle School spread kindness through social media to combat school bullies. Photo via Kenton County School District.

Middle school students at a Covington, Kentucky school are using the power of the Internet to combat it’s use to spread hate and meanness among fellow students. A teacher at Woodland Middle School, Jason Bowman, came up with the idea after observing how students love to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and how they could be used as a tool to spread positive messages.

The school set up a twitter account with the hashtag #randomactsofkindess whereby they encouraged students to post messages on various social networking sites to combat hurtful things other students may say about them or other classmates.

The program is part of a project called STEP which is an acronym for ‘Students Together Empowering Peers’.

The school principal, Malina Owens told Local 12 News, “There are a lot of kids that go through their whole day and don’t hear from someone else that they’re important and that they’re valued.”

The program was set up to last one day but may be extended due to the outpouring of support from both students and parents.