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Couple sues playground manufacturer after daughter breaks arm

Chicago couple claim slide is unsafe, file lawsuit

Chicago parents suing manufacturers of Evos Slalom Glider because of safety concerns. Photo via Landscape Structures 2012 catalog.

A Chicago, Illinois couple is suing Landscape Structures Inc., a playground equipment manufacturer because their young daughter fell off one of their slides and broke her arm in 3 places. The slide, called the Evos Slalom Glider stands just over 6 ft. tall and is without safety rails or sides. The slide is meant to be straddled, but the victim’s parents say if a child loses their balance, they can suffer serious injuries.

According to CBS Chicago, the parents of the victim, Mark and Linda Jacobs, said their daughter who was 7-years-old at the time, suffered ’emotional distress’ from the fall as well as significant physical injuries. The victim’s father said that his family had visited the playground, located in an upscale neighborhood on Chicago’s north side, several times without incident but on one particular day, things went horribly wrong. He claims the slide is not safe and warns, “Any parent out there that sees that slide should pay attention.”

The family has now filed a formal lawsuit with the playground manufacturer who is located in Minnesota. Both the family and their lawyer, Anthony Romanucci, say their decision to move forward with the lawsuit was based on their findings that as many as 16 other children, ages 8 and under, have been hurt on the slide. The manufacturers 2012 catalog lists the recommended ages for the slide as 8 – 12.

Landscape Structures Inc. has responded by recalling all 600 Evos Slalom Glider slides sold around the country between 2006 and 2011. They declined to comment on this particular lawsuit however.