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Brooklyn five year-old drowns in bathtub

Babysitter allegedly left girl alone

A five year-old Brooklyn girl died Thursday March 29th after slipping under the water during her bath time. She was under the care of a babysitter at the time, and he had left the girl unattended for just a few moments, although the precise amount of time is not known. The incident happened around 7PM on Thursday evening in a third-floor Brooklyn apartment building.

Emergency services were contacted at 7:19 PM, and there were attempts made to resuscitate the girl. She was transported to Brookdale University Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The 25 year-old man who was babysitting the girl was being questioned at the 81st precinct station house after the girl’s death. According to law enforcement sources, the man was in the process of or adopting the girl. Sources also say that the girl was severely disabled with a medical issue, and the girl’s mother could no longer take care of her.

The man that was taking care of her said that moments before the tragic incident occurred that the girl was talking and that nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

A doctor at the hospital noticed bruises on the girl, but says that they may be there because of efforts to resuscitate the girl. The medical examiner’s office will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of death. As of Friday March 30th, no charges were expected to be filed against the man that was babysitting her. Sources also say that officers had had contact with the family in the past, and that is now part of the investigation, also.