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Michelle Duggar says overpopulation is a lie

'19 Kids and Counting' Mom says the idea is 'not accurate' and we should 'not be deceived'

The matriarch of the Duggar family and reality-TV star of “19 Kids and Counting”, Michelle Duggar recently gave a web interview to the Christian Broadcasting Network saying that “the idea of overpopulation is not accurate.”

Duggar also went on to say that the population of the entire world could fit inside Jacksonville, Fla., stating, “Well, first off, the idea of overpopulation is not accurate because, really, the entire population of the world, if they were stood shoulder to shoulder, could fit in the city limits of Jacksonville. So if you realize that aspect of it, we realize we’re not anywhere near being overpopulated.”

The video interview drew heat from both sides, with some saying that she is completely right, where others say she has lost her mind.

Duggar says that she is in agreement with Mother Theresa, saying “I agree with Mother Teresa when she said, ‘to say that there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers.”

In regards to the family’s extra-large carbon footprint, Duggar states that her family only buys clothes from secondhand stores,  and purchases only used cars. She says that she is also raising their children to be “helpers and servers, givers instead of takers.” The website  Jezebel says that “a family of three or four would practically have to prance around throwing a trail of styrofoam packing peanuts in their wake to leave the same sort of carbon footprint that the Duggars leave.”