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Father accused of abuse, infant suffered at least 21 bone fractures

William Robert Olsen, 21, charged with malicious punishment of a child for injuries he inflicted upon his 7-week-old daughter. Mug shot via Pine County Sheriff's Office.

William Olsen, 21, has been arrested and charged with suspected child abuse and assault after his infant daughter was brought to a hospital in eastern Minnesota with at least 21 broken bones. Olsen reportedly admitted to authorities that he would routinely squeeze the infant and pick her up by her extremities. Court documents reveal that the 7-week-old newborn underwent emergency surgery where doctors identified 21 broken bones and another five which were likely fractures.

The incident occurred on March 22nd. The injuries were reportedly discovered duringĀ  a routine check up, however, the clinic who reported the injuries to police also said that they released the infant back to the custody of the family. When deputies followed up, they had the infant transported to the University of Minnesota Hospital.

Court documents revealed:

“Fractures were discovered in: 7 ribs, left clavicle, left humerus, left femur, left tibia, left metatarsal, right tibia and fibula as well as the skull.”

According to Northland’s Newscenter, medical staff believe that the injuries may be so severe, the baby may suffer from permanent disfigurement.

Olsen is currently in custody at the Pine County Jail in Minnesota. His bail was set at $30,000 if Olsen agrees to house arrest.